Saturday, November 7, 2009

Outland Heroic Recap

Total Time: 422 Minutes.
Raw Gold: 796.53.27g
Gray Value: 257.33.69g
Blue Value: 261.25.30g
Purple Value: 156.70.05
Total Gold: 1471.82.31g
Repairs: 79.98.50g
Total Profit: 1391.83.81

Total Netherweave Cloth: 725
Total Primal Nether: 16
Total Super Mana Potions: 18
Total Super Healing Potions: 15
Total Scroll of... VI: 7
Total Mark of Sargeras: 89
Total Fel Armaments: 1
Total Sunfury Signets: 73
Total Arcane Tomes: 4
Total Bottled Nethergon Vapor: 22
Total Bottled Nethergon Energy: 19
Total Mote of Shadow: 20
Total Primal Earth: 2
Total Jaggal Clam: 63
Total Netherweb Silk: 10
Total Sanguine Hibiscus: 31
Total Coilfang Armaments: 22
Total Khorium Lockbox: 3
Total Serpent Flesh: 3
Designs/Patterns: 3
Misc: Living Essence, Sun Touched Satchel

Bind on Equips:

Total Blues: 1
Total Greens: 115

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